Def Jam: Fight for NY

Game Description

EA Games’ Def Jam Fight for New York is a hip-hop-inspired action video game (unlike the original, which was published under the EA Sports BIG brand). It was released on September 21, 2004, for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube. It is the sequel to Def Jam Vendetta and is followed by Def Jam: Icon. Several rappers appear in Def Jam Fight for NY, including Lil’ Kim, Snoop Dogg, Method Man, Redman, Fat Joe, Mobb Deep, Ice-T, Xzibit, N.O.R.E, Ludacris, Crazy Legs and Busta Rhymes, Flavor Flav, Sean Paul, as well as the voices and likenesses of other celebrities, including Henry Rollins, Christopher Judge, Bubba Sparxxx, and Kimora Lee Simmons. DMX, Keith Murray, Christina Milian, and Funkmaster Flex were the only artists from the original game who did not appear in the sequel. Def Jam Fight for NY characters was adapted into Def Jam Fight for NY ps4 The Takeover, a PlayStation Portable game released in 2006.

PublishersEA Games
DevelopersAKI Corporation, EA Canada
Release date2004

Def Jam: Fight for NY Gameplay

The original game’s gameplay, which was primarily a wrestling game, has been expanded. Fighters can select one, two, or three of the five fighting styles available. Streetfighting, Kickboxing, Martial Arts, Wrestling, and Submissions are the fighting styles.

Furthermore, Def Jam Fight for NY PS4 emphasizes the use of Def Jam Fight for NY’s various environments as well as the surrounding crowd to inflict damage. Tossing the opponent against barriers allows fighters to inflict massive damage on their opponent by slamming them into the wall headfirst, ramming a door or gate in their face, or utilizing other environmental features. If a fighter is thrown into them or gets too close, the crowd will shove him back into combat, sometimes holding a fighter and leaving them open to attack. Some spectators carry weapons and will offer them to the fighters or even attack them if they are being held by a nearby onlooker.

Download Def Jam: Fight for NY

We might have Def Jam Fight for NY PS2 available for more than one platform. Def Jam Fight for NY PS2 is currently available on these platforms:

PlayStation 2 (2004)

Def Jam: Fight for NY Screenshots

PlayStation 2

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