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Crafted by the collaborative genius of Sega AM7 and System Sacom, Deep Fear materialized in the horror-infested realms of Sega Saturn in the haunting year of 1998. In the tapestry of Saturn’s gaming legacy, this survival horror gem, a testament to the fear lurking in the abyss, stands as the final opus to grace European shores. A masterpiece carved from the unsettling fear of deep waters, it pulsates with distinctive gameplay elements, intertwining real-time item usage, mobile precision aiming, and the ominous ebbing of oxygen levels. Visionary illustrator Yasushi Nirasawa breathed life into the creatures and characters, while the haunting melodies emanated from the musical genius of composer Kenji Kawai.

PublishersSEGA Enterprises Ltd.
DevelopersSega AM7 R&D Division, System Sacom
Release date1998
GenreSurvival, Horror

Gameplay: Navigating the Labyrinthine Corridors of The Big Table

Enter the abyss as players take command of John Mayor, navigating the foreboding chambers of The Big Table through a persistent 3D control scheme. Within these pre-rendered confines, players grapple with the ever-present fear, showcased through fixed camera angles that hint at lurking horrors. The interface, a symphony of on-screen indicators including an oxygen monitor, health meter, and bullet count, can be toggled at the player’s discretion. The D-pad becomes a vessel for empowerment, allowing players to walk, sprint, and aim with unwavering precision.

The fear of deep water unfurls its grasp through the Saturn’s six-button controller, granting players immediate access to crucial tools like the map screen, health kits, and grenades, seamlessly integrated without the encumbrance of inventory panels.

The Ominous Dance with Depleting Oxygen: A Battle for Survival

In the heart of The Big Table, where oxygen whispers its scarcity, survival hangs in the balance. The pulse-quickening race against asphyxiation propels players to seek refuge in the discovery of yellow oxygen boxes, aptly named Air Systems (AS). These sanctuaries, infinite in their resupply, offer a lifeline to those desperate for a breath. A strategic dance unfolds as players strategically deploy oxygen grenades to restore life to rooms marked in red on the map, where oxygen levels teeter on the brink.

Navigating the submerged depths, players wield regulators to breathe in oxygen-starved locales, ensuring survival in the face of encroaching peril. The vacuum system, a sentinel between doors, guards against the spillage of water from flooded rooms, intensifying the challenge.

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Sega Saturn (1998)

Arsenal Mastery: A Symphony of Weapons and Security Challenges

In the arsenal-laden catacombs of The Big Table, players encounter a treasure trove of weaponry catering to diverse tastes. However, access to some weapons remains a privilege, reserved for significant members due to security concerns. Armed with the determination to break barriers, players embark on a quest for weapon storehouse pass-cards, unlocking the gateway to these coveted arms.

Deep Fear emerges not merely as a game but as an immersive odyssey, an intricately woven tapestry where perplexity and burstiness collide to redefine the boundaries of survival horror in the enigmatic depths of Sega Saturn’s haunting legacy.

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