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Sega AM7 and System Sacom created the Sega Saturn survival horror game Deep Fear in 1998. In Europe, it was the final Saturn game to be released. The fear of deep water contains distinctive gameplay elements such as buttons that enable real-time item use, moving while aiming, and dropping oxygen levels. Illustrator Yasushi Nirasawa created the creatures and characters, and composer Kenji Kawai created the music.

PublishersSEGA Enterprises Ltd.
DevelopersSega AM7 R&D Division, System Sacom
Release date1998
GenreSurvival, Horror

Deep Fear Download For Windows PC Gameplay

Players control John Mayor utilizing a persistent 3D control scheme while they navigate the pre-rendered chambers of The Big Table that are exhibited from fixed camera angles. Certain on-screen indications, such as an oxygen monitor, health meter, and bullet count, can be turned on or off by players. Once armed, players can walk around and sprint while aiming a gun by using the D-pad. The fear of deep water makes full use of Saturn’s six-button controller, giving players rapid access to a map screen and the ability to utilize health and grenade items in-game without having to enter the inventory panel.

The oxygen at The Big Table is running low. Therefore, replenishing low oxygen zones is a must for living in order to prevent asphyxiation. The oxygen is depleted more quickly by excessive gun use. There are places where you can refresh your supply of oxygen (infinite times) by discovering yellow oxygen boxes called Air Systems (AS). An AS enables the player to refill his regulator if he has one. A red emergency light will flash to signify a low oxygen level if the player is not using the oxygen level meter. On the player’s map, rooms with low oxygen levels will be highlighted in red. Rooms with low oxygen levels can be restored with oxygen grenades.

The player can utilize a regulator to breathe in low oxygen locations and in waterlogged areas if they are not close to an AS or do not have any oxygen grenades. The vacuum system between each pair of doors at the room entrances ensures that water from a flooded room won’t spill outside the room.

Players must draw their weapon with one button and shoot it with a different one, just in Resident Evil. By hitting the aim button, the player can move while carrying a weapon and instantly lock on to adversaries. The player has the choice to manually swap between targets.

The Big Table carries a lot of ammo for many different kinds of guns. The weapon storage rooms house the guns and ammo. Some weapons, however, are only accessible by significant members of The Big Table due to security concerns. By obtaining the necessary weapon storehouse pass-cards, the player can acquire these weapons.

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We might have deep dark fears Fear is available on more than one platform. fear of deep dark water ocean is currently available on these platforms:

Sega Saturn (1998)

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Sega Saturn

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