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Game Description

Croc 2 is a platform video game published by Fox Interactive and developed by Argonaut Software. The sequel to Croc: Legend of the Gobbos, follows the title character on a quest to find his missing parents while also saving the Inventor Gobbo from a resurrected Baron Dante.

Croc 2 was released in 1999 for the Sony PlayStation, and later in 2000 and 2001 for Microsoft Windows and Game Boy Color, respectively. A Dreamcast port of the game was also planned but ultimately canceled. The game was released alongside a heavy advertising campaign, with Fox cross-promoting the game alongside Nabisco’s “Gummi Savers” candy brand. crocs duet max 2 was met with mixed reactions, with critics praising the game’s graphics while criticizing its camera and difficulty.

PublishersFox Interactive, THQ, Koei
DevelopersArgonaut Software, Natsume
Release date1999

Croc 2 Download For Windows PC Gameplay

Croc 2’s gameplay is similar to that of its predecessor in that the player controls Croc through various open-ended levels in order to complete various missions. The game’s levels are divided into four Gobbo “villages” and are accessed via an open HUB world. The missions entail assisting other Gobbos with a specific task, such as rescuing another Gobbo who is trapped within a steel cage or chasing a Dantini through a stage to retrieve a stolen sandwich. After completing a certain number of levels in a village, a boss level is unlocked, which when completed grants access to the next village. Certain levels require you to ride a vehicle through a course, such as a race car, a speedboat, a hang glider, a hot air balloon, or a giant snowball.

Levels include a variety of collectible items, such as 100 crystals and 5 multicolored crystals scattered throughout the stage. The colored gems are hidden in various locations throughout the stage and must be retrieved by completing a platform challenge or a puzzle. Finding all five colored gems results in the appearance of a golden trophy at the end of the level, which is obtained by completing a small platforming challenge. Collecting every trophy in a village unlocks an extra level that can be completed to obtain a Jigsaw puzzle piece; collecting these pieces is required to access the game’s fifth and final village, which contains the final boss. Swap sells a variety of items at the HUB worlds. Meet Pete, an anthropomorphic cat who is required to access certain areas and secrets within Croc 2. Heart pots, which increase Croc’s maximum life count, Gummi Savers Jumps, which can be used as a trampoline to reach certain ledges, and the Clockwork Gobbo, a small wind-up robot that can be controlled to collect items by placing it on a specific pedestal, are among these items.

Croc is controlled by the D-pad or the analog stick, and he moves through the levels by running, jumping, climbing, and swimming; new to crocs Santa Cruz 2 are the abilities to perform a triple jump and a flip jump, both of which allow Croc to reach higher altitudes than he can by jumping normally. [4] Croc attacks enemies by swinging his tail around in a full 360-degree circle, and he can also perform a downward hit drop to defeat enemies and destroy wooden crates containing items. Croc’s health is represented by a set life count, which can be extended by purchasing specific items; when he runs out of “hearts,” he is returned to the HUB world of the level he is in. Croc’s life can be replenished by collecting large hearts scattered throughout the stages, as well as a certain number of crystals in each stage. crocs duet max 2 includes a new control option called “OmniPlay,” which allows two people to share control of Croc’s movements and abilities for cooperative gameplay.

Download Croc 2

We might have the game available for more than one platform. Croc 2 is currently available on these platforms:

How to play on Windows

  1. Download and Extract Croc_2_Win_ISO_EN.7z
  2. Mount ogd.croc2.iso and double click on “autorun.exe”
  3. Select “Install Croc 2”. Finish installing Croc 2
  4. Play the game using the desktop shortcut

Croc 2 Download For Windows PC Screenshots


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