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Platform/beat ’em up video game Crash of the Titans was created by Radical Entertainment in 2007 and released by Vivendi Games for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable (ported by SuperVillain Studios), Wii, and PlayStation 2. Amaze Entertainment created the game for the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS. The game was initially released on October 4, 2007, in North America, on October 12, 2007, in Europe, and on October 18, 2007, in Australia. It is the first Crash Bandicoot game to never be released in Japan. Before Activision merged with Vivendi the following year, it was the last game published by the latter.

The sixth game in the primary franchise and the thirteenth overall in the Crash Bandicoot video game series is Crash of the Titans. The plot of the game revolves around the discovery of a substance called “Mojo,” which Doctor Neo Cortex, the villain of the series, and his niece Nina use to transform the people of the Wumpa Islands into an army of vicious mutants known as “Titans.” Crash Bandicoot, the series’ protagonist, must stop Cortex and Nina by using the “jacking” technique to take control of and destroy the Titans while gathering mojo. He also needs to rescue his sister Coco, who has been abducted and coerced into helping the Titans create a doomsday device that will aid Cortex and Nina in their attempt to rule the world.

When Crash of the Titans was released, reviews were conflicting. Critics praised the jacking idea, graphics, voice acting, and humor but found the battle to be tedious and uneven. They also questioned the nonadjustable camera. The Nintendo DS version received accolades for the variety of gameplay and graphics but received criticism for the controls. The game received three nominations for awards in spite of this response.

PublishersVivendi Games
DevelopersRadical Entertainment, SuperVillain Studios, Amaze Entertainment
Release date2007
GenrePlatformer, Fighting

Crash of the Titans Download For Windows PC Gameplay

The player controls Crash Bandicoot in the beat-em-up game Crash of the Titans, whose main goal is to rescue his sister, Coco, and prevent the destruction of his home, the Wumpa Island, by the main antagonist’s enormous robot. The player’s first objective is to save the sentient mask Aku Aku, which may be used as a board to help Crash navigate treacherous terrain, provides the player with rudimentary instructions, and defends Crash from enemy attacks. After that, each level (referred to as an “episode”) invites players to either win battles against numerous adversaries or just advance through the episode.

The crash has four lives when the game begins. Each of Crash’s lives is determined by his health metre, which falls each time he is hurt by an enemy assault or falls into a bottomless pit. Crash’s health meter can be refilled by the player by gathering Wumpa Fruit. Crash loses a life each time the health metre reaches zero. However, by gathering 25,000 units of the magical chemical Mojo or a particular variety of Golden Wumpa Fruit, the player can give Crash an extra life. The player can carry on playing by starting the current episode over after the final life is lost.

Each episode has a portal to a straightforward mini-game arena where the player has to complete a job in a predetermined amount of time. Typically, the mission entails gathering a certain amount of Mojo, jacking a titan and utilizing its skills, or just eliminating a specific amount of foes. The player receives a bronze, silver, or gold voodoo doll rank at the conclusion of each episode. The rank can be increased by eliminating a predetermined number of minions, destroying three robotic toilets, or inflicting a minimum number of consecutive hits. A gold voodoo doll cannot be obtained for an episode unless all three requirements are completed in that episode. Each episode’s concept art packets are unlocked via hidden voodoo dolls.

The gameplay of Crash of the Titans for the Nintendo DS is identical to that in earlier Crash games. Four islands, each with two levels and a boss, serve as the game’s setting. A new island becomes accessible after a boss is eliminated. Players can earn “on-demand items”—items that can be used to restore health, grant momentary invincibility, and trigger off Nitro explosions among other things—on each island’s individual “Pachinko board,” which is where players can compete. These Pachinko boards also provide the chance to win extra items like gallery art, cheats, and lots of Mojo.

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We might have the game available for more than one platform. Crash of the Titans is currently available on these platforms:

PlayStation 2 (2007)

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PlayStation 2

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