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Game Description

PublishersEidos Interactive, Activision
DevelopersBlitz Games
Release date2000

Chicken Run is a stealth-based 3-D platform video game based on the same-named 2000 film. The Chicken Run is a vague spoof of the World War II film The Great Escape. A 2D isometric puzzle-solving game for the Game Boy Color. The plot of the Chicken Run revolves around hens escaping from their wicked owners and fighting for their freedom.

While professional voice artists provided the voices for Ginger and Rocky, Benjamin Whitrow and Lynn Ferguson reprised their roles as Fowler and Mac.

Chicken Run Download For Windows PC Gameplay

The player takes control of Ginger, Rocky, Nick, and Fetcher and searches the Tweedys’ farm seeking objects to aid the hens in their escape attempt.

This segment of the Chicken Run contains stealth gameplay similar to Metal Gear Solid, in which the player must avoid guard dogs and the Tweedy’s themselves, as well as searchlights, sources of light in general, and noisy surfaces, all of which will alert security to the player’s existence.

If the player is caught, they will be returned to the current area’s entry point and lose either they most recently gained item or their currently equipped item, which will return to its original location. In addition, the player may be required to move objects or make use of the environment in order to reach a difficult-to-reach item.

Each act concludes with a boss level in which the chickens must control a Mrs. Tweedy mannequin, a linear platforming level in which Rocky must avoid hazards to reach Ginger in the pie machine, and a flying level in which Rocky must fly the ‘Old Crate’ to prevent Mrs. Tweedy from reaching the top of the rope hanging from it. The second and third acts contain minigames that depict an attempted escape, such as launching hens over the fence using a seesaw, catapult, or pyrotechnics in Act 2.

The minigames in Act 3 entail putting together a piece of the ‘Old Crate’ and starting its engine. Act 3 also includes a minigame in which the player must get the chickens in Hut 2 to produce eggs in order to pay Nick and Fetcher. This may be played in the previous two acts as well, but the player does not get to keep the eggs.

Success is typically evaluated by the number of chickens saved or the speed with which the player completes the assignment, and Fowler can give bronze, silver, or gold medals for outstanding achievement.

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We might have the Chicken Run available for more than one platform. Chicken Run is currently available on these platforms:

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