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Cashflow 202 online e-game free download for windows 7, 10 32-64 bit.

Chashflow is essentially a financial education board video game for Windows PC and is specially designed to help people to learn more about financial literacy and financial development skills. This game was developed and published by Rich Dad Company which is owned by Robert Kiyosaki. The main purpose of this game is to teach players how to reach financial independence.

The game is based on real-life situations where the player has to pay taxes or bills and deal with unexpected expenses. In this game, players have multiple options to play including cruising around a game board and also landing on different spaces that symbolize investments, income, and expenses. Allows their players to start a game with a specific amount money and cash, Players have to handle their cash flows, sponsors, investments, etc. Provide multiple game modes in which players showcase their financial development skills.

Cashflow teaches a life lesson to their player such as setting a financial goal and having a financial plan. And Players also learn how to take independent decisions about real estate, invest in the stock market, and start a business. This is really fun to play these types of games and learn new things about finance, money, inverting, and enables players to think like entrepreneurs.

PublishersBagolyvár Kiadó, Cashflow Technologies, Nakladatelství PRAGMA, Popurri (Попурри)
DevelopersRobert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad company)
Release date1999

Download Cashflow 202 Download For Windows PC

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