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A 3D video game called Blood was created using Ken Silverman’s Build engine by Monolith Productions and released by GT Interactive Software. The complete version was later released on May 21 in North America and June 20 in Europe. The shareware version was first made available for MS-DOS on March 7, 1997.

The game tells the tale of Caleb, a deceased gunslinger who sought vengeance on the evil god Tchernobog in the early 20th century. Numerous occult and horror themes are included. Vast quantities of graphic violence, a wide variety of weaponry from the mundane to the weird, and a large number of adversaries and bosses are all present in Blood.

When Blood was first released, it garnered mostly positive reviews from critics. Many praised the game’s imaginative level designs, humor (particularly its use of pop-culture references), mood, and gameplay, however, some criticized the game’s tough difficulty. Reviewers eventually developed a cult following for it, and it is now regarded as one of the best games on the Build engine.

The Blood franchise was continued with two official expansion packs titled Plasma Pak (developed by Monolith) and Cryptic Passage (developed by Sunstorm Interactive). A sequel titled Blood II: The Chosen was released on November 25, 1998. The game was released on along with its two expansion packs on April 22, 2010, utilizing the DOSBox emulator to run on modern systems. It was released on Steam on July 14, 2014. The game also served as a principal inspiration for the manhwa Priest. A remaster of the game made to run better on modern systems entitled Blood: Fresh Supply was released on May 9, 2019, by Nightdive Studios and Atari.

PublishersGT Interactive Software
DevelopersMonolith Productions
Release date1997

Blood gameplay

In the single-player mode, the player assumes the role of Caleb in his quest for vengeance against his former master by advancing through the episodes’ stages while searching for an exit until the boss level.

The gameplay of Blood is akin to that of other famous first-person shooter games like Doom: to advance through the levels, the player must engage switches or locate keys; some larger maps feature as many as six different keys. Teleporters, traps including crushing blocks and explosive barrels, lava pits, jumping puzzles, and combination lock doors are among the features.

One of the first first-person shooter games (FPS) to offer additional or secondary attack modes for its weapons was Blood. A flamethrower-capable aerosol canister, a Voodoo doll, and flare guns are among the available weapons. Additionally, it has a power-up called “Guns Akimbo” that gives the player the ability to momentarily dual wield several weapons. Additionally, Blood features “super secret” places with prizes for finding them.

Along with creatures fighting for the dark god Tchernobog, enemies include human members of the Cabal. The environment can be used by enemies as cover. The game also includes a weaker class of foes known as “nuisance adversaries,” such as bats, rats, eels, and possessed hands, which are not regarded as dangerous on their own but are dangerous in large numbers.

Like many FPS games of the era, Blood offers multiplayer options. Blood’s multiplayer required modem, LAN, or serial cable connections because Internet play was not yet widely accepted at the time of its debut. While an IPX network connection supports up to eight players, modem and serial cable connections are limited to two-player games. On a variety of platforms that support DOSBox and its IPX modes, along with VPN software like Hamachi, this is readily accomplished. Through DWANGO and the Total Entertainment Network, online multiplayer was also an option.

Cooperative play and deathmatch, often known as “Bloodbath” in Blood, make up the multiplayer modes. Bloodbath matches can be played on specially created multiplayer maps or on the levels of the different episodes; the options to end matches, “frag limit” or “time limit,” as well as the ability to determine how weapons and power-ups respawn, are all accessible. One aspect of Bloodbath is “The Voice,” an audio statement made after every frag that frequently uses graphic and satirical language to mark the demise of an opponent. Jace Hall, who was the CEO of Monolith Productions at the time, is the person behind “The Voice.” Cooperative gameplay allows many players to cooperate in the levels of the various episodes, using the same principles as the single-player campaign.

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