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Game Description

Betty Bad is a third-person action game inspired by the arcade classic Tempest, developed by WildTangent, a firm committed to web-based content distribution. Elizabeth Badowski (the eponymous Betty Bad) is the galaxy’s most wanted bounty hunter, and it is up to her to rid Asgard of the alien infestation that has engulfed the mining colony. As the infamous Ms. Bad, players must navigate a series of subterranean tunnels, battling waves of alien monsters and evading projectiles while activating switches and navigating numerous environmental dangers.

Players can traverse the tunnel to escape adversaries, just like they can in Tempest, but Betty can only destroy the desired target by temporarily aligning herself with a monster and establishing a lock-on. When you come into contact with an adversary, you will die instantly. Players start out with five lives, but as they play, they can earn more.

Betty can gain weapon augmentations that change the UniGun’s modes, giving the player with everything from a regular repeating blaster to grenade and rocket launchers, despite the fact that she only has the unique. Alien energy can be used as ammunition in the various UniGun modes. Selecting the correct weapon for the job at hand, as well as predicting the necessary trajectory for certain bullets to hit their intended targets, both need some thought. The full and trial editions, as with all of WildTangent’s releases, are only available for download.

PublishersWildTangent Inc.
DevelopersStudio Pummel
Release date2002

We might have the game available for more than one platform. Betty Bad is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (2002)

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