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Ben 10: Alien Force is a video game based on the series Ben 10: Alien Force game. developed by Monkey Bar Games and published by D3Publisher of America, Inc in 2008.


Ben 10: Alien Force, Gwen, and Kevin come across the Forever Knights while traveling to the amusement pier using an alien tech tracker. Kevin, Gwen, and Ben follow the Forever Knights to the dock in search of some hidden extraterrestrial technology. Ben 10: Alien Force runs upon Govan, a Tetramand plumber from another planet who is visibly out of shape as they travel to acquire the component. Govan swiftly enlists Ben, Gwen, and Kevin to help him with his stated goal of recovering specific illicit alien tech components. The group then travels to a Forever Knight castle located in woodland. After fighting their way past the Knights and the security system, Ben 10: Alien Force and Kevin find the next piece buried in the lair of a (particularly shackled) Mech Dragon. The component is taken by Gorvan very rudely for safekeeping after Ben defeats the dragon and returns it to the closest Plumber base.

The crew then looks for a recently discovered component at a military installation. Kevin decides to abstain from the assignment when Ben 10 Alien Force and Gwen ridicule him. Gwen turns off the security systems underneath for Ben 10 Alien Force as he moves through the surface (battling Vulkanus’ pick-ax henchmen). Eventually, Ben arrives at Vulkanus, who is disappointed because Kevin declined to accompany Ben 10 Alien Force on his quest. Ben must fight and defeat Vulkanus there, then takes the component. After telling Gorvan about Vulkanus and delivering him the component back at the base, Gorvan says that Vulkanus will eventually need to be “dealt with.” Gorvan is acting strangely, so Kevin, ben 10 alien force aliens, and Gwen say they should keep an eye on him.

A request for a progress report is made in a message that Gorvan claims were sent by the other Plumbers. Gorvan departs to transmit it through a secure channel. Ben 10 Alien Force then makes his way to a hatchery where some DNAliens are utilizing the part to power an egg machine there. ben 10 alien force aliens finds the part and brings it back to the base after battling his way through a ghost town and the hatchery.

Ben, Gwen, and Kevin learn that Gorvan is a disgraced plumber who was fired for stockpiling and trafficking illicit alien technology after unlocking Grandpa Max’s hidden files. The information prompts Ben to pursue Kevin and Kevin to chase out Gorvan alone. Gorvan enticed Kevin into a Xenocite hatchery inside the base, and in the meantime, Kevin has caught up with him. When ben 10 alien force Omnitrix finally catches up with Kevin, he is discovered to have half changed into a DNAlien. After beating Kevin, ben 10 alien force vilgax attacks restores his natural state and returns him to Gwen. Kevin’s brief search for Gorvan is continued by Ben, who eventually defeats him. When she and Kevin return, Gwen explains that the last element—a sub-energy core—was concealed within the base. A Highbreed breaks in and steals the component.

Using Kevin’s technology tracker, they follow the Highbreed to three now-completed weather towers. The crew is immediately divided due to a DNAlien invasion. ben 10 alien force Omnitrix decides that a nearby rocket ship acts as the control center for the weather towers, despite Gwen’s worries, and proceeds to remove it from the circuit board.

Ben makes his way to the auto-pilot and maneuvers the ship out of the circuitry after fending off a horde of DNAliens, DNAlien hybrids, and a Highbreed. The Highbreed, however, claims that removing the spacecraft activates the weather towers, boasts that his plans would have failed without Ben, and throws Ben from his ship so that Ben can witness his own creation in action.

Gwen tries to warn Ben 10 Alien Force not to enter the ship as the game jumps back to the start of the final level. Following the botched effort, Gwen and Kevin split up to destroy the force shields surrounding the towers. When they get at a full-sized Humungousaur after completing their task, it destroys the remaining towers with ease. The party learns that the Highbreeds are preparing to construct a massive arch while examining the towers’ ruins.

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