Backyard Baseball (1997) Download For Windows PC

Game Description

Backyard Baseball is a computer sports game that was released in 1997 (2001,2003). It is the first installment in the Backyard Baseball series, as well as the first game published as part of the Backyard Sports (then known as “Junior Sports”) series overall.

PublishersHumongous Entertainment
DevelopersHumongous Entertainment
Release date1997

Backyard Baseball (1997) Download For Windows PC Gameplay

There are two primary ways to play: The “Pick-Up Window,” and “League Play.”

Pick-Up Window

The player can select “Spectator” mode (a simulated game between two generated teams of backyard kids), “Batting Practice” (a mini-game in which the player can select a player and receive pitches from Mr. Clanky to practice batting), or “Pick-Up Game.” In a pick-up game, the player selects one of the seven fields available in the Pick-Up Window and has the option to “create a team.” The player then takes turns selecting team members from a pool of backyard kids, alternating with the CPU. On the chosen field, the two teams compete against each other.

League Play

In League Play, the player forms a team and selects nine players from the pool of backyard kids, thereby entering a team into the Backyard Baseball League (BBL). This league has eight teams that were created using custom team naming options, as well as a 14-season regular season. The teams with the best two records in the league at the end of the season advance to the “BBL All-City Playoffs,” a best-of-three series that determines which team advances to the “Super Entire Nation Tournament.” After winning this tournament, the player advances to the “Ultra Grand Championship of the Universe Series,” a best-of-five series that determines the overall Backyard Baseball characters world champion. Winning this series means you’ve beaten Pablo Sanchez backyard baseball and unlocked the “World Tour.”

Download Backyard Baseball (1997) Download For Windows PC

We might have the game available for more than one platform. Backyard Baseball characters are currently available on these platforms:

Windows (1997)

How to play on Windows

  1. Download and Extract Backyard_Baseball_1997_ScummVM_Files_EN
  2. Download and install the software “ScumVMM” from
  3. Open ScumVMM, select “Add Game…” and browse the folder called “BBScummVM” inside the file which you downloaded.
  4. Select “Choose” and then “Start”
  5. Play Backyard Baseball .

Backyard Baseball (1997) Download For Windows PC Screenshot

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