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Game Description

Midway Games created the snowmobile racing game Arctic Thunder. It was a launch title for the Xbox and Sony PlayStation 2 consoles and was made available as an arcade game as well. Jets in the arcade version of the game blow hot or cold breezes at the player’s face while they are playing, depending on the environment. The Midway Thunder series, which also comprised Hydro Thunder, 4 Wheel Thunder, Offroad Thunder, and Hydro Thunder Hurricane, includes Arctic Thunder Arcade for sale. This game’s Xbox edition is incompatible with the Xbox 360. Due to the Dreamcast’s declining sales, a Dreamcast port was also envisioned but never materialized.

A website was made available before the game’s release. As of 2007, the site is no longer active.

PublishersMidway Amusement Games, LLC
DevelopersMidway Games, Inc.
Release date2000

Download Arctic Thunder Download For Windows PC

We might have the Arctic Thunder video game available for more than one platform. Arctic Thunder is currently available on these platforms:

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