In the realm of video gaming, the luminary Warren Robinett forged the legendary Adventure. In the hallowed year of 1980, Atari, Inc. unveiled this masterpiece for the Atari Video Computer System, later christened the Atari 2600. Picture this – a square avatar under your command, navigating through an expansive and mystifying terrain, in pursuit of a sacred chalice destined for the golden palace. Dragons lurk, hungry for the taste of your avatar, and a mischievous bat plays its chaotic game, snatching and hiding precious goods.

Venturing beyond the ordinary, Adventure introduced novelties like an expansive play area spanning numerous screens and foes that persistently move, even when unseen. A visual homage to the text adventure PS4 Colossal Cave Adventure from 1977, Robinett, faced with technical constraints and Atari management challenges, dedicated nearly a year to craft this gaming marvel. In a daring rebellion against Atari’s credit-withholding policies, Robinett ingeniously programmed a hidden chamber in the game – a secret room carrying his name, discovered only after his departure. This Easter egg became a beacon, influencing media like Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One.

PublishersSears, Roebuck, and Co.
DevelopersAtari, Inc.
Release date1979

Unveiling the Enigma: Gameplay Exploration

Dive into the heart of Adventure, where an enchanted chalice, pilfered and concealed by a malevolent magician, awaits your heroics. The player’s mission in this action-packed Adventure is to reclaim the Enchanted Chalice and return it to the resplendent Golden Castle. The kingdom unfurls with challenges – Golden, White, and Black Castles, monsters, and perplexing mazes across thirty rooms.

Three formidable dragons, each with its distinctive hue – the yellow Yorgle, the green Grundle, and the fiery red Rhindle, guard the kingdom’s treasures. Dragons, along with a cryptic bat named Knubberrub, add an element of unpredictability. The bat, existing in states of agitation and non-agitation, freely manipulates objects even when off-screen, creating a dynamic gaming experience.

Traverse the kingdom through single-screen chambers, where your avatar, a mere square, must navigate within and between these enigmatic spaces. Equip yourself with keys, magnets, magic bridges, and a sword capable of slaying dragons. The twist? Only one item at a time can accompany your avatar. If a dragon claims your avatar, fear not – you have the power to resurrect without starting anew.

Mysteries Unraveled: Skill Levels and Game Dynamics

Adventure unveils itself in three distinct skill levels, each a tier into the depths of gaming prowess. Level 1, the gateway, is the novice’s haven, devoid of invisible mazes, the White Castle, the bat, the Rhindle, or intricate room layouts. Level 2, the full-bodied experience, introduces predetermined object locations. Level 3, a chaotic dance, randomizes object placements for the audacious player seeking a greater challenge.

In the spirit of customization, the Atari 2600’s difficulty switches come into play. Adjust the dragons’ biting speed, make them retreat when the sword is drawn – your adventure, your rules. Adventure isn’t just a game; it’s an odyssey through perplexity and burstiness, a testament to Warren Robinett’s ingenuity and the timeless allure of the gaming universe.

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Apple II (1980)

Atari 2600 (1980)

Atari 2600

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