Game Description

Warren Robinett created the video game Adventure, which Atari, Inc. released in 1980 for the Atari Video Computer System (later known as the Atari 2600). A square avatar that the player controls must search an expansive terrain for a mystical chalice and bring it back to the golden palace. Three dragons that can consume the avatar and a bat that haphazardly takes and hides goods are among the roaming foes in the gaming world. A play area spanning numerous screens and foes that keep moving when offscreen are only two of the novelties that adventure console games introduced.

As a visual adaptation of the text adventure ps4 Colossal Cave Adventure from 1977, the game was designed. While overcoming numerous technical restrictions in the Atari 2600 console hardware and challenges with management at Atari, Warren Robinett spent almost a year creating and programming the game. Conflicts with Atari’s management, which forbade giving programmers public credit, led Robinett to program a hidden area in the game that carried his name. Players discovered this room after the game had shipped and Robinett had left Atari. Although not the first Easter egg of its kind, Robinett’s secret room helped popularise the concept in video games and other forms of media. One example is the conclusion of Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One book and movie.

When it was first released and over the years, Adventure garnered largely excellent reviews. It is frequently cited as one of the most influential games in the industry and one of the best video games of all time. It is regarded as the original console fantasy and action game and served as an inspiration for subsequent games in those genres. The has been featured in various Atari 2600 game collections for contemporary computer hardware and has sold over a million cartridges. The prototype code for the game served as the foundation for the 1979 Superman game, and a later-planned sequel served as the inspiration for the Swordquest games.

PublishersSears, Roebuck, and Co.
DevelopersAtari, Inc.
Release date1979

Adventure Gameplay

The Enchanted Chalice was stolen and concealed in the kingdom by a wicked magician, and the player’s objective in action Adventure games is to find it and bring it back to the Golden Castle. The Golden, White, and Black Castles are only a few of the obstacles, monsters, and mazes that may be found across the kingdom’s thirty rooms. Three dragons—the yellow Yorgle, the green Grundle, and the red Rhindle—guard the kingdom and either defend or escape from different objects while attacking the player’s avatar. A dragon or an enemy bat can freely traverse the kingdom; the bat was supposed to be called Knubberrub, but the name isn’t in the instructions. Agitation and non-agitation are the two states of the bat. The bat will either pick up or swap the object it is carrying with one in the current room when it is agitated, eventually returning to the non-agitated condition where it will not pick up an object. Even when off-screen, the bat is still moving around and changing things.

Each chamber is represented by a single screen, and the player’s avatar is a straightforward square that can move both within and between them. Keys that open castle doors, a magnet that draws stuff to the player, a magic bridge that the player can use to traverse some barriers, and a sword that can be used to slay dragons are all examples of useful equipment. Only one object can be carried by the player at once. If a dragon consumes the player’s avatar, the player has the option to revive the deceased character rather than beginning over. All items stay where they were last seen when the avatar last appeared at the Golden Castle, and all dead dragons have been raised. One of the earliest examples of a “continue game” feature in a video game is the ability to revive the avatar without starting over.

Three distinct skill levels are available in the game. The first level is the easiest because it doesn’t have any invisible mazes, the White Castle, the bat, the Rhindle, or a complicated room layout. The game’s full version, Level 2, starts off with the various objects in predetermined locations. Level 3 is comparable to Level 2, however for a greater challenge, the object locations are randomly chosen. The player can adjust the game’s difficulty with the Atari 2600’s difficulty switches. One switch determines how quickly the dragons bite, while another makes them retreat when the player is carrying the sword.

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Atari 2600

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