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Game Description

You Are Empty is a first-person shooter video game developed by Mandel ArtPlains and Digital Spray Studios in Ukraine. It was released in 2006 by 1C Company. In 2007, Atari released the game in English.

The story takes place in the alternate-history Soviet Union. It starts with the protagonist waking up in a destroyed hospital, and it quickly becomes evident that the population has been affected by mutation and madness. He must then fight to stay alive and solve the secret.

Publishers1C Company, Atari
DevelopersMandel ArtPlains, Digital Spray Studios
Release date2006

You Are Empty Download For Windows PC Gameplay

You Are Empty has standard first-person shooter gameplay. Players can get a range of melee and firearms, most of which are modeled on real-world weapons such as a Mauser C96 pistol or a PPSh-41 submachine rifle. The big electric gun, the player’s final weapon, is the one exception to realism.

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Windows (2006)

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