Donate a Game

As part of an effort to preserve old games, we allow users to donate rare games for which we currently can’t find any files. You can view all of the missing games here. We want to thank you in advance for contributing to our archive of lost games.

Step 1

Before donating a game, please make sure:

  1. The game is no longer being sold on any platform
  2. The game is not already uploaded on our website
  3. The game is not already available on other download websites

Step 2

Once you’ve made sure the game is suitable to be sent, you will be required to upload the game files to a file-sharing website to allow us to access them. We recommend one of the following free services to ensure that the downloads are safe and your data is protected:

Step 3

Once you have uploaded the files, please get in touch using our contact page:

In your message, you should include the following details:

  • Name of the game(s) you are donating, and which platform the files are for (e.g. Windows, PlayStation)
  • Link(s) to download the game files
  • Whether or not you want your name to appear on the game download page to be credited for providing the download. If yes, then please provide the name you want to appear (you can use an alias or nickname).