The Treehouse

Game Description

The Treehouse is a point-and-click educational game that was originally created for DOS and later ported to Macintosh, FM Towns, and Windows. After The Playroom was a success, Broderbund developed The Treehouse, which expands on the user’s ability to explore while offering more content. When it was first released in 1991, the majority of copies were sold through educational supply stores as opposed to more widely distributed retailers of computer software. It also came with a sing-along audio tape. In 1996, it was reissued for Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. The characters, user interface, and places are distinct even if the general activities of the Windows version are the same.

PublishersBrøderbund Software, Inc.
DevelopersBrøderbund Software, Inc.
Release date1991


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We might have The Treehouse game free download available for more than one platform. The Treehouse download is currently available on these platforms:

DOS (1991)

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