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The Hobbit is an action-adventure game from 2003 that was created by Saffire for the Game Boy Advance, The Fizz Factor for Microsoft Windows, and Inevitable Entertainment for the GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox. Sierra Entertainment was the publisher.

The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, which was directed by Peter Jackson, has nothing to do with the game, which is a licensed adaptation of J. R. R. Tolkien’s 1937 novel The Hobbit. At the time, Electronic Arts controlled the rights to the video game adaptations of the New Line Cinema films, while Vivendi, in collaboration with Tolkien Enterprises, held the rights to the video game adaptations of Tolkien’s literary works. The game follows the novel’s plot very well, however it does include a few minor characters who aren’t in Tolkien’s original.

The Hobbit garnered mixed reviews; while some praised its adherence to the original work, others found the gameplay to be uninspired and overly simple.

PublishersSierra Entertainment
DevelopersInevitable Entertainment
Release date2003

The Hobbit Download For Windows PC Gameplay

Played from a third-person perspective, The Hobbit is largely a platform game with elements of hack and slash combat and some basic puzzle elements (the Game Boy Advance version is played from an isometric three-quarter top-down view). The majority of the game, in which the player plays Bilbo Baggins, is made up of simple platforming. Bilbo can jump, climb ropes and ladders, cling onto ledges, swing on vines, and more. The game’s progression is based on quests. There are numerous missions on each level, all of which must be finished before moving on to the next. Numerous levels also provide optional sidequests that can be performed but are not required to do so in order to receive prizes.

When engaged in combat, Bilbo has three weapons at his disposal. He starts the game with two weapons: a throwing stone and a walking stick that can be used for melee combat. Later on in the game, Sting gains a dagger. You can upgrade all three weapons by locating the scattered magical scrolls that are hidden throughout the game. These scrolls bestow skills like greater damage, charged assaults, jump attacks, double and triple combo attacks, and more. The One Ring, which temporarily renders Bilbo invisible so he can dodge some adversaries, is another aspect of the game.

The “Courage Points” mechanism underlies Bilbo’s healthcare system. He has three health points at the beginning of the game. He gains an extra health point after accumulating 1000 Courage Points. Courage Points are represented by diamonds, with various hues denoting various numerical quantities. A blue diamond, for instance, represents one Courage Point, a green diamond, 10, etc. Bilbo’s courage meter, which is constantly visible on screen, tracks how many health points he has gained so far. Courage Points are mostly distributed among the levels and given for successfully completing tasks. The lowest level diamonds (blue) are frequently utilized to show the player where they should be going, while some of the higher value diamonds are buried off the main path of a level.

The player is led to a vendor at the conclusion of each chapter where they can spend silver pennies, the virtual currency. Stones, healing potions, antidotes, skeleton keys, potions that temporarily grant invincibility, extra health points, and the ability to increase the number of stones and health potions that Bilbo may carry are among the items that can be purchased.

Throughout the course of the game, chests can contain pennies, healing potions, antidotes, and frequently, quest items and weapon upgrades. Chests frequently open when Bilbo touches them, but occasionally they are locked, requiring him to use a lockpick. The player must align a pointer or choose a specified target in this timed minigame. There may be only one minigame to play in certain chests, but there may be up to eight chests containing more significant stuff. The timer will advance if Bilbo misses the pointer or target; if he hits a red pointer or target, the minigame will terminate immediately. Losing health points or getting poisoned are two consequences of not opening a chest. The player can skip the minigames and open the treasure right away if they have a skeleton key.

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