Star Wars: Droid Works Download For Windows PC

Game Description

Star Wars: DroidWorks is an edutainment computer game released in 1998 by LucasArts subsidiary Lucas Learning. It is built on the same engine as LucasArts’ previous game, Star Wars: Jedi Knight. The designers wanted to make a game that was both appealing and benign. The game’s intended release date was pushed up by months, causing the development team to eliminate some planned game features.

The plot of the game revolves around the user saving the galaxy by creating droids with special talents, such as the capacity to see in the dark or jump, in order to perform tasks. These missions’ instructional components teach players about topics such as energy, force, motion, simple machines, light, and magnetism. Star Wars: DroidWorks received high praise from critics, sold well, and won numerous awards and accolades.

PublishersLucas Learning
DevelopersLucas Learning
Release date1998

Star Wars: Droid Works Download For Windows PC Gameplay

The Rebellion dispatches C-3PO, R2-D2, and the player to Tatooine to halt construction at an Imperial droid facility. Before advancing to the droid factory, the player must accomplish eight training missions and four secret tasks, each of which requires droids with distinct abilities. Players can paint and name their creations in the Jawa Droid Workshop, as well as see a full 360-degree perspective of other works in progress.

Overall, the player has 87 droid pieces to choose from, which can be combined in 25 million distinct ways. Players learn about the scientific principles of energy, force, motion, basic machines, light, and magnetism through experiential learning. Players are also encouraged to use math, logic, and critical thinking skills. Through online linkages, an in-game ‘InDex’ explains many scientific subjects.

Download Star Wars: Droid Works Download For Windows PC

We might have the Star Wars Droid Works game free download full version for PC Windows 7,10 available for more than one platform. Star Wars: Droid Works free download for MAC is currently available on these platforms:

How to play on Windows

  1. Download and Extract
  2. Open the “Game Files” folder and mount “DroidWorks.bin”. If you don’t know how to mount files, refer to this article.
  3. Inside the mounted file, run “setup.exe” and install the game
  4. Play the game

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