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SimTown is a 1995 Maxis video game that is similar to the best-selling SimCity but on a smaller scale. SimTown allows the player to build a town out of streets, residences, businesses, and parks and then control the people who live in it. SimTown was one of many ‘Sim’ spin-offs available at the time, and it was aimed mainly at youngsters. The Super Famicom version of SimTown is titled SimCity Jr. (シムシティJr.) and was published by Imagineer exclusively in Japan.

PublishersMaxis Kids
Release date1995

SimTown Download For Windows PC Gameplay

SimTown’s game layout is similar to SimCity’s, but on a smaller and more basic scale, with players tasked with creating a small town. Players are given a blank and level plot of ground on which to create homes, workplaces, and municipal buildings. Other elements, such as roads and plants, can also be added, however, they serve no purpose other than decoration.

The fundamental goal of simtown express is to keep the residents happy. This can be accomplished by ensuring that the water supply, trees, farm crops, and recycling program are adequately maintained and well supported, with “credits” allocated at each stint. The amount of these materials necessary for the town and the credits provided will be determined by how much of the town has been created. Trees and ponds, for example, may consume a certain amount of water, whereas most businesses and homes generate rubbish that must be disposed of through the recycling program. If these resources are not managed properly, the town may face negative consequences such as dying trees and dried-up ponds if an adequate water supply is not given. This feature of the game can be comparable to SimCity’s annual or monthly budgets; however, there is no evidence of actual cash being utilized in SimTown other than the credits allocated for external resources; there is no monetary cost associated with landscaping or building development.

SimTown, like SimCity, emphasizes the importance of properly regulating and maintaining a balance between the number of citizens and occupations. Each household in a house has two children, a pet, and two adults, who may need to find work from companies or municipal buildings created by the players. Similarly, businesses and government facilities require a sufficient number of employees to function properly. If occupants are unable to find work after a period, signs of long-term unemployment will emerge as their home rots and are eventually reduced to rubble (and its inhabitants move out). Similarly, if a firm or municipal building does not have enough personnel, it will deteriorate and eventually collapse into ruins.

SimTown’s feature that allows players to create and name a resident who will provide basic feedback and daily activities through diary entries helps them to check the town’s state. A local newspaper is also offered to keep track of the general state of the community. SimTown also gives prizes and ribbons to players who accomplish certain objectives and requirements. There are also a few easter eggs buried throughout the game.

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