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Game Description

Rally-X is a maze chase arcade game developed and released by Namco in 1980. In a sequence of games with many scrolling screens, players steer a blue Formula One racecar and must gather scattered yellow flags. In addition to stones that must be steered clear of, there are red enemy automobiles that the player must avoid. Red cars can be momentarily stunned by erecting smoke screens at the expense of some of their fuel.

Rally-X was created as a follow-up to Sega’s Head On (1979), a similar maze-chase game using cars. Although Midway Manufacturing published the game in North America to relatively lackluster results, it was a commercial triumph in Japan, where it was the sixth highest-grossing arcade game of 1980. In North America, the game is most known for and often told but a fictitious tale about its appearance at the 1980 Amusement & Music Operators Association (AMOA) trade exhibition, when the press present thought Rally-X was of higher quality than the other games there, including Pac-Man. Rally-X was favorably received by attendees, although little attention was paid to it when it was presented.

Rally-X has received positive reviews that have both praised its technological innovations and high level of difficulty. According to several reviews, it was influential and innovative. Beginning with New Rally-X in 1981, Rally-X underwent a number of remakes and sequels. It is also a part of various Namco compilations. It is recognized as one of the first games to include bonus levels and background music that plays continually.

PublishersCommodore Japan Limited
DevelopersNamco Limited
Release date1980

Rally-X Download For Windows PC Gameplay

The player of the maze-chase game Rally-X steers a blue Formula One racecar. The goal is to avoid collisions with red-colored cars that are pursuing the player while collecting yellow flags that are distributed across an enclosed maze. In addition to having a lot of dead ends, extensive tunnels, and dangerous immobile boulders, mazes scroll in all four directions. There are ten flags in total on each level, and collecting consecutive ones increases their point worth. The flag with an S next to it is a “Special Flag,” which increases the value of each subsequent flag acquired. The red cars’ fuel meter at the right of the screen can be temporarily reduced by the player by using smoke screens to momentarily stun them. The longer the player spends playing a level, the faster the meter runs out and serves as a timer. More and more aggressive red automobiles are added as the game goes on. Under their fuel gauge, the player has a radar that shows where they are right now on the map, as well as where the red cars and flags are. The third level, as well as every fourth level after that, features a bonus round where the goal is to gather the flags within a set amount of time. The red cars in these bonus games are stationary and won’t pursue the player unless their gasoline is running low.

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We might have the game available for more than one platform. Rally-X is currently available on these platforms:

VIC-20 (1981)

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