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MVP Baseball 2005 is a baseball video game developed and distributed by EA Canada. Its cover depicts Manny Ramirez of the Boston Red Sox at the time. Full Major League Baseball, Minor League Baseball, and Major League Baseball Players Association licenses are included in the game. As of 2006, it was ranked 98th on IGN’s reader-voted top 100 games of all time. The broadcasters are Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow, the real-life commentators for the San Francisco Giants, like in prior renditions of the game.

A PlayStation Portable version of the game, titled just MVP Baseball, was later released in May 2005.

PublishersElectronic Arts, Inc
DevelopersElectronic Arts Canada
Release date2005

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MVP Baseball 2005 has all 30 authentic Major League Baseball teams, stadiums, and dynasties, in addition to over 1,000 individual players. Barry Bonds is notably absent from the game due to his resignation from the MLBPA’s license deal. His “replacement” is a made-up character named Jon Dowd. Dowd does not resemble Bonds in appearance, but his skills are similar. This game, like its predecessor MVP Baseball 2004, lacks Kevin Millar, who does not appear in the game because he is not a member of the MLBPA. Anthony Friese, a fictional player, is his “replacement.” By integrating double-A and triple-A farm teams, the game also features legitimate minor league teams and actual minor league players. With the addition of ballclubs from the High Single-A ranks in 2005, each MLB team now has three levels of minor league farm clubs. The list of unlockable features includes two legends teams, 63 famous players, 15 historic stadiums, five fantasy parks, and over 100 retro jerseys. The rosters are up to date as of January 12, 2005, and the game featured the then-new Washington Nationals and their temporary home, RFK Stadium. New rosters may be downloaded to the Xbox and PS2 versions at the time via their online play menus.

MVP Baseball 2005 features an exhibition mode, a manager’s mode, two franchise modes, a scenario editor, and a number of baseball-themed practice games. The exhibition mode allows the player to rapidly set up a game against another club and select a starting pitcher as well as modify the lineup if necessary. The manager mode is simulated depending on the decisions made by the players before the first pitch. The player does not see the other players swing or make plays. Instead, the player selects from a menu of managerial options, and the results of each play are displayed on-screen in a running box score. The scenario editor allows users to alter 20 various variables, such as the teams involved, inning, count, who’s on base, and so on, allowing them to create every imaginable scenario in baseball history.

A small flaw in Kuiper’s comments concerns switch-hitters who are now batting, suggesting the batter hits better from one side but hits better from the other when looking at the batter’s power and/or contact data. For example, despite the fact that Lance Berkman’s power and contact figures are both higher while batting left-handed in the game, Kuiper will argue that Berkman hits better when batting right-handed. Another oddity is that he thinks Hack Wilson established the MLB single-season run-scoring record in 1930 with 192 runs. He did, however, establish the MLB single-season RBI record with 191 in 1930. The uniforms of the single-A Wilmington Blue Rocks are misspelled, having an extra L in “Wilmington.”

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