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Game Description

Monsters, Inc. Scream Team, released as Monsters, Inc. Scare Island in Europe (and only PC version in the United States), is a platform game published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation, Microsoft Windows, and PlayStation 2 based on the 2001 animated film Monsters, Inc. Both the PAL area and the United States saw its release in 2001. The game became downloadable through the PlayStation Store in 2011. Mixed reviews were given to the game.

PublishersDisney Interactive Studios, Inc.
DevelopersGorilla Systems Corporation
Release date2001

Monsters, Inc. Scream Team Download For Windows PC Gameplay

Roz hosts an orientation program at the start of the game where she walks the monsters through the fundamentals of their training. Three practice areas on Scare Island are used to divide the tiers. There are four regions to explore in the Urban Training Grounds, Desert Training Grounds, and Arctic Training Grounds, all of which have names that allude to the nature of their designs. Players can select to play as either Sulley or Mike, with each monster having unique techniques and scare skills. Each zone features a variety of settings, from a city park to a freezing lake. On the loading screen for each level, a picture of Mike or Sulley indicates who is suggested for that level.

The goal of the game is to successfully scare all of the robot youngsters on the island (known as “Nerves”) and graduate from monster training with honors. This is performed by accumulating bronze, silver, and gold medals throughout the game. The bronze medal is required to accomplish a level and is obtained by scaring five Nerves; this also unlocks a short movie clip. Finding and collecting 10 “Monsters, Inc.” Tokens dispersed throughout a level will get you a silver medal. Scaring all eight Nerves in a level earns you a gold medal. Obtaining four bronze medals in each training ground unlocks a hidden item that may aid the player in reaching previously inaccessible places.

Extra Try Tokens (which give the player extra lives), Monsters, Inc. Tokens (which yield silver medals for every ten gathered), and Primordial Ooze are among the items used (the substance that gives the monsters their scare power). The random Bag O’ Calories boosts health, while mailboxes deliver helpful suggestions and information. Although nerves and goods are hidden, they can be found by looking in and around boxes and other objects.

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