Monster Truck Madness 2 Download For Windows PC

Game Description

Monster Truck Madness 2 is a monster truck racing video game developed by Terminal Reality and published by Microsoft for the PC (Windows 95/NT) in 1998.

It is the follow-up to Monster Truck Madness on the same platform and was among the first racing video games to include an online multiplayer mode. Up until the beginning of 2006, MSN Gaming Zone offered it for online play.

The game was ported to the Nintendo 64 in 1999 by Edge of Reality. It was launched as Monster Truck Madness 64 and co-published by Rockstar Games.

The game is well-known for including WrestleTrucks, monster trucks named after WCW stars, as well as the biggest names in monster truck racing, including Bigfoot, Grave Digger, and Carolina Crusher.

PublishersMicrosoft, Rockstar Games
DevelopersTerminal Reality, Edge of Reality
Release date1998

Download Monster Truck Madness 2 Download For Windows PC

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Windows (1998)

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