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LSD: Dream Emulator is an exploration game developed and published by Asmik Ace Entertainment for the PlayStation In LSD, the player explores strange settings with no goal in mind. The player can only move and touch things to warp them to a different location. LSD Dream Emulator was created by Osamu Sato, a Japanese artist who rejected the concept of games and sought to use the PlayStation as a platform for making contemporary art. The game’s concept is based on a dream diary kept for over a decade by an Asmik Ace employee.

On October 22, 1998, the game was released in Japan in a limited edition accompanying soundtrack and a book including excerpts from the dream diary. LSD rapidly faded into oblivion but has recently had a comeback in popularity due to its peculiarity being an intriguing topic of discussion for humor blogs and Let’s Play commentators. In 2010, LSD Dream Emulator was also made available on the Japanese PlayStation Store. Critics have lauded its quirky features, citing it as one of the most experimental video games of all time.

PublishersAsmik Ace Entertainment
DevelopersAsmik Ace Entertainment
Release date1998

LSD: Dream Emulator Download For Windows PC Gameplay

LSD: Dream Emulator is a “playable dream” exploration game in which the player explores surrealistic settings with no overall purpose. LSD Dream Emulator is played in first-person in a 3D world, with the player’s control limited to moving forward and backward, turning, strafing, running, and looking behind. The game is divided into levels or “dreams” that last up to ten minutes. Each dream begins with the player at a random region where they can begin exploring. The player will be transferred to another location by walking into any object or through specified tunnels. LSD features a number of static and defined landscapes to explore, including a Japanese hamlet, a field, a city, houses, and a factory. While the surroundings remain static, the basic textures are occasionally modified, and they may be inhabited with random items, animals, and characters walking around to add variety. Each dream lasts 10 minutes after the character awakens, or it ends sooner if the player interacts with particular objects or dies.

After each dream, one day passes in the game, and the player’s most recent dream is marked on a graph. The graph ranks dreams according to whether they are “Upper,” “Downer,” “Static,” or “Dynamic.” As a player progresses through the dreams, LSD Dream Emulator provides additional variation to the dreams by changing textures more frequently. As a result, the landscapes get increasingly weird and psychedelic over time. When initiating a new dream, a video is sometimes played instead of a playable dream. After a certain number of in-game days, a “flashback” option appears on the main menu, allowing the player to experience a shortened version of their most recent dream. A humanoid entity known as the Gray or Shadow Man may appear in some dreams and, if touched, disables the player from using the flashback option and undoes any progress achieved in that dream.

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