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Game Description

Despite omitting the original Lego Island title and logo from the name, Island Xtreme Stunts is an action-adventure video game and the sequel to Lego Island 2: The Brickster’s Revenge, making it the third game in the Lego Island series. Silicon Dreams Studio, like Lego Island 2, created the game. Electronic Arts and Lego Interactive collaborated on the game, which was launched in 2002 for the PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Windows, with a Game Boy Advance spin-off.

PublishersElectronic Arts, LEGO Media, Silicon Dreams
DevelopersSilicon Dreams Studio
Release date2002

Island Xtreme Stunts Download For Windows PC Gameplay

Pepper, like in Lego Island 2, is controlled by the player throughout the game, who explores the island in a non-linear fashion. Players can ride and control various automobiles all across the city (only once they have obtained their correct licenses). There are numerous collections of things dispersed across the city that will rebuild animals made of enormous Lego pieces, as well as minigames in select areas, such as assisting one of the grocery store owners in arranging and organizing storage crates.

When filming stunts, the director gives the player instructions on how to accomplish the stunts in the sequence, followed by a “practice room” where Pepper can practice driving the vehicle in front of a bluescreen (as various Brickster Bots control the mechanics for him). After that, the player is taken to “perform” the scenario by playing the minigame contained within it. Players are transported to the screening room after the game is over to view a “take” of the scene, which includes some amusing and unintentional events taking place behind the scenes (different difficulties play different takes). Players are then given a mark based on how quickly they finished tasks and how many bonus stunts they performed.

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