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Driver 2: Back on the Streets (also known as Driver 2: The Wheelman Is Back in North America) is the second installment of the Driver series, released in 2000. Reflections Interactive created it, and Infogrames published it for the PlayStation. Driver 2 Advance, a Game Boy Advance port created by Sennari Interactive and released under Infogrames’ Atari line of products, was released in 2002.

DevelopersReflections Interactive, Sennari Interactive
Release date2000

Driver 2 Gameplay

Driver 2 improves on the framework of Driver by allowing the character Tanner to exit his car and explore the game’s surroundings on foot and commandeer other vehicles. The story objectives are played independently of the ‘Take a Ride’ option, in which the player can explore the cities at their leisure.

The missions in the game are mostly vehicle-based, with you chasing witnesses, slamming automobiles, and escaping from criminals or cops. A cinematic is shown before practically every mission to assist advance the plot, and the game consequently plays like a Hollywood-style automobile chase film. Tanner can exit his automobile and interact with certain components of the environment, but all violence occurs in pre-rendered sequences.

While the original PlayStation version only supported two players, the Game Boy Advance version added a four-player link option.

Driver 2 features four cities that are far larger than the original game. Chicago, Havana, Las Vegas, and Rio de Janeiro are the cities.

Throughout the game, a vast range of cars can be found. They are based on real-life vehicles such as Chevys, Fords, GMCs, and others. All of the cars can be driven, and there are additional hidden cars in the four cities in the game. Car hubcaps can fly off, much like in the first game.

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