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Game Description

Dino Crisis is a survival horror video game that was developed and published by Capcom in 1999 for the PlayStation console. It is the first game in the Dino Crisis series, and it was created by the same team that created Capcom’s Resident Evil series, including director Shinji Mikami, and it bears many parallels with it. Regina is a special operations agent dispatched with a team to explore a remote island research facility. Regina must fight her way through the dinosaur-infested institution to discover its secrets and, ultimately, escape alive with her crew.

Dino Crisis, as opposed to the Resident Evil games that came before it, uses an innovative real-time engine with 3D surroundings. The gameplay incorporates typical survival horror concepts such as action and puzzles, and it was designed to provide more consistent visceral terror due to the dinosaurs’ swift, intelligent, and aggressive nature. Due to these design modifications, Capcom would eventually advertise the game as “panic horror” rather than “survival horror.” The researchers used carnivorous creatures as inspiration for animating and programming the dinosaurs’ behavior. Mikami’s concept for the game was not fully realized since he desired to create a more complicated dinosaur artificial intelligence. Despite the technology limitations, he believes the team can produce suitably detailed environments.

Dino Crisis 2 was a critical and economic success, with over 2.4 million copies sold for the PlayStation edition. Critics compared it to Resident Evil, with some calling it “Resident Evil with dinosaurs.” They also commended the intensity, aesthetics, and playability of the game. Some people criticized the lack of dinosaur variety, monotonous environments, and tiresome puzzles. Dino Crisis was released in 2000 for Dreamcast and Windows, and it was re-published in 2006 for the PlayStation Network. Two versions of the Game Boy Color were in the works, but both were canceled.

PublishersCapcom, Virgin Interactive
Release date1999
GenreSurvival, Horror

Dino Crisis Download For Windows PC Gameplay

Dino Crisis’ survival horror gameplay is reminiscent of Capcom’s early Resident Evil titles. Regina is capable of walking, running, turning, backpedaling, pushing and climbing items, and doing a 180-degree turn. There is a map accessible that shows Regina’s location, destination, save points, and locked doors. Save points are rooms that ask the player to save when they exit them. A D.D.K. (digital disc key) gadget is used to lock some doors. To unlock these doors, the player will require a code disc as well as an input disc, which will be used to interpret a code and unlock the door. There are also force fields of red beams throughout the compound that can be activated to prevent intruders from entering.

Regina’s inventory may contain key items, guns, ammo, and medical supplies, the latter of which she may only carry a limited number of. She can also combine specific products to improve them or create entirely new ones, such as anesthetic darts. These things can be kept in “emergency boxes,” which must be opened using special items known as “plugs” before they can be used. Each emergency box is labeled in red, green, or yellow. Each unlocked box of the same color can access the contents of any other unlocked box of the same color.

The player can move about with weapons drawn and use automatic targeting. Enemies can knock Regina’s weapon out of her hand, forcing her to retrieve it. In risky conditions, the word “DANGER” may appear on the screen, at which point the player must press all of the controller buttons as quickly as possible to live. Regina will grasp her arm or struggle to walk if she is hurt. Regina’s health can be improved by using Med Paks. A trail of blood may appear from time to time, signaling that Regina is bleeding and will continue to deteriorate. Hemostats can be used to reduce bleeding after an injury. In the game, there are two sorts of medical supplies: Med Paks, which replenish player health, and Hemostats, which stop bleeding injuries. If Regina dies, the player can pick up where she left off. After five “Continues,” the player must restart from their last save point.

Download Dino Crisis Download For Windows PC

We might have the Dino Crisis game free download full version for PC Windows 7,10 available for more than one platform. Dino Crisis free download for PlayStation 2 is currently available on these platforms:

PlayStation (1999)

Windows (2000)

How to play on Windows

  1. Download and Extract Dino_Crisis_Win_Files_EN.7z
  2. Open the “Game Files” folder
  3. Run setupreg.exe as an administrator
  4. Once the registry has finished updating, double click on LAUNCH.exe
  5. Play the game (note: start or “enter” shortcut is “C” by default)

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