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Game Description

Dino Crisis 2 is a PlayStation action-adventure video game developed by Capcom Production Studio 4 and published by Capcom. It is the second entry in the Dino Crisis series.

Following the events of the previous Dino Crisis, reckless research into time-distorting Third Energy has resulted in the transport of an entire research base, military institution, and fictional metropolis of Edward City, along with all of its inhabitants, to another time. Regina, a member of the Secret Operations Raid Team, returns as one of the main playable characters, serving as an adviser to the rescue team that travels through time to find survivors of the time displacement and recover data on the Third Energy experiments. Dylan Morton, the leader of the rescue team, is the second playable character. Despite the fact that Dylan and Regina initially go their separate ways, they eventually join forces to find a way back to the present. At various points throughout the story, the player switches between controlling Regina and Dylan.

PublishersCapcom, Virgin Interactive
Release date2000
GenreAction, Adventure

Dino Crisis 2 Download For Windows PC Gameplay

Dino Crisis 2 is an action-adventure game with fixed camera angles. Capcom Production Studio 4 shifted the series’ focus away from the survival horror of the first Dino Crisis and toward a more action-packed arcade-style experience with more open locations, a wider variety of weaponry and opponents, and less emphasis on puzzles.

Players can gain “Extinction Points,” a type of in-game currency that stacks up as they go between locations, by killing dinosaurs in succession, countering attacks, and avoiding harm in areas. Throughout the game, the player can find and use computer stations that serve as save points, allowing them to store and load games. Extinction Points can also be spent on new weapons, upgrades, health packs, and ammunition. Bandages are also available (used to stem bleeding). This form of ailment occurs when a player takes damage from certain assaults, and it causes the health bar to slowly deplete.

There are two types of weaponry in the game: main and sub-weapons; the player can only equip one of each at a time. Main weapons, such as shotguns, flamethrowers, and rifles, deal the greatest damage and are utilized for the majority of attacks, whilst sub-weapons, such as the machete for cutting plant vines and the firewall gun, produce a temporary wall of fire against adversaries, are employed to get around obstacles. Throughout the game, players alternate roles between Regina and Dylan; the two have different weaponry, rendering some paths barred for one but accessible for the other.

These include elements of on-rails shooting, such as a chase where the user fires at dinosaurs chasing an automatically controlled car, as well as various riddles, as in the previous game. Throughout the game, the player discovers data files and documents that advance the plot and provide information about specific places. There are also hidden “Dino Files” that goes into detail about each dinosaur in the game. After collecting all of the available Dino Files, the player gains unlimited ammunition for weapons on the following playthrough.

Extra Crisis

After completing the main game, an unlockable feature called Extra Crisis with two playable modes: “Dino Colosseum” and “Dino Duel” becomes available. Colosseum is a survival mode in which a chosen character fights off a succession of attacks by various dinosaurs, the larger and more dangerous being the latter. Following completion, the player is assessed and handed a trophy based on their performance. Dino Duel is a mode in which the player controls a dinosaur and battles another dinosaur in the style of a fighting game. Completing the game on harsher levels unlocks more characters and dinosaurs for purchase, with the final Extinction Points earned from that playthrough. Gail and Rick, two characters from the original game, are among them. Dinosaurs can also be employed in Dino Colosseum, but only after completing the game in normal or hard mode.

Download Dino Crisis 2 Download For Windows PC

We might have the Dino Crisis 2 video game free download full version for PC Windows 7,10 available for more than one platform. Dino Crisis 2 video game free download for PlayStation is currently available on these platforms:

PlayStation (2000)

Windows (2002)

How to play on Windows

  1. Download and Extract Dino_Crisis_2_Win_Files_EN.7z
  2. Open the “Game Files” folder
  3. Mount FLT-DC2.bin to an empty drive and run “Setup.exe”
  4. Once Dino Crisis 2 has installed, type “Dino Crisis 2” to search for the game (it doesn’t create an automatic desktop shortcut) and click on the game icon.
  5. Play Dino Crisis 2!

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