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Digimon World (Japanese: デジモンワールド, Hepburn: Dejimon Wārudo) is a video game by Bandai on the PlayStation, released in 1999, about the Digimon virtual pets. It was followed by a number of sequels for the PlayStation and other platforms. The plot revolves around a human who is brought to File City on File Island by Jijimon in order to preserve the island. Digimon is losing their memories and turning feral, and the city is in shambles. The player’s mission, portrayed by an unidentified young kid, is to save the island by assisting Digimon in regaining their memories and returning to the city.

DevelopersBandai, Flying Tiger Development
Release date1999

Digimon World Download For Windows PC Gameplay

The game concentrates around raising a single Digimon from its egg form, hatching into a Fresh, progressing through In-Training, Rookie, Champion, and, given time and effort, Ultimate. A Digimon partner will “fade away” with age and finally return to an egg, requiring the user to raise it anew.

To nurture a Digimon companion, the user must train it, feed it, relax it, and take it to the restroom. Training is done to improve Digimon’s stats and make it more powerful in battle. Raising a Digimon properly will result in the Rookie Digimon “Digivolving” into a Champion form with greater stats, however failing to train or raise it properly will result in it Digivolving into Numemon, a Champion Digimon with inferior stats and talents.

The battle is the other major component of gameplay. When the player’s partner Digimon defeats the Digimon that have grown hostile due to a crisis on File Island, some of them will calm down and work in the city. Partner Digimon begins the Digimon World with a few basic skills, but they get more as they continue through the levels. An unintelligent Digimon cannot be controlled by the player, but as it grows smarter, the player gains more control over its activities.

More Digimon working for the city will simplify training and other areas of Digimon World 3,4. Many will establish stores and sell stuff, while others will launch playable mini-games to earn awards and items.

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