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Dark Seed II is the sequel to the 1992 game Dark Seed and is a psychological horror point-and-click adventure game developed and released by Cyberdreams. It continues the adventures of regular protagonist Mike Dawson in the “Dark World” created by H. R. Giger. Raymond Benson designed and wrote the game, which was available for Microsoft Windows 3. x, Macintosh, Sega Saturn, and Sony PlayStation. Console versions of Dark Seed II were exclusively released in Japan, as was the case with Dark Seed, however, they were also fully dubbed in Japanese. The shuttle mouse is not supported in the Saturn version of Dark Seed II, unlike the first game.

PublishersCyberdreams Inc.
DevelopersCyberdreams Inc.
Release date1996


In Dark Seed, Mike Dawson saves the planet from the “Ancients,” but the experience causes him to have a nervous breakdown. In an attempt to regain his sanity, he goes to his native city of Crowley, Texas, and moves in with his mother. Mike is still suffering from major mental damage and memory lapses a year later. Worse, his love Rita is found killed after their high school reunion, and the whole town of Crowley, with the exception of Mike’s friend Jack, believes Mike is the perpetrator. The “Ancients” have clearly returned, and Mike’s only hope of clearing his name is to travel between various universes and solve their puzzles while also preventing the Ancients from taking over the globe.

Mike is brought to the Underworld if he dies at any point during the Dark Seed II, where he encounters the Keeper of the Souls, who tells him that he is doomed to die. Mike will return to the Underworld and plunge into a River of Blood if he loses another life, while the Keeper of the Scrolls warns the player that the Ancients have created a monster known as the “Behemoth,” which has taken the “life energy” from Earth. If Mike fails to clear the Dark World mirror maze ahead of the Behemoth, allowing it to cross over into the “Light World” and become immortal, this will also happen near the game’s end.

Mike walks into his Dark World home, which is identical to his Light World home, and after a perfectly typical greeting from his “mother,” her head explodes violently. Mike then notices Rita’s head cloaked in the vapors of his mother’s cooking, who informs him about the Behemoth and how strong the “Sword” is in killing it. Mike acquires the Sword from the Keeper of the Sword, and the Keeper of the Scrolls instructs him to use the Dark World mirror maze as a shortcut. If he succeeds, he will be able to use his Sword to kill the monster.

After blowing up the Ancients’ vessel, Mike is congratulated by the Keeper of the Scrolls. He wakes up at his psychiatrist’s office, where he discovers Jack standing next to the doctor’s body. Mike realizes that Jack is his Dark World counterpart and is stabbed by him, dying as a result. Sheriff Butler and his deputy arrived on the scene and, ignorant of Jack’s presence, come to the conclusion that Mike committed himself and is really responsible for all of the killings that occurred during the Dark Seed II. After then, Jack is seen exiting through the Dark World, leaving it unclear whether the events of the Dark Seed II were true or part of Mike’s delusions.

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Windows 3. x

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