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Chrono Cross (クロノ・クロス, Kurono Kurosu) is a 1999 role-playing video game developed and published by Square for the PlayStation video game console. It takes place in the same universe as Chrono Trigger, a 1995 Super Nintendo Entertainment System game. Masato Kato, a scenarist, and director were principally responsible for Chrono Cross’ creation. Yasuyuki Honne, the game’s graphic director, and Yasunori Mitsuda, its composer, also contributed. The personalities in the game were created by Nobuteru Yuki.

Serge, a young man, and the concept of parallel worlds are central to the plot of Chrono Cross test. Serge is confronted with another universe in which he perished as a youngster and tries to figure out why the two realities are different. He is helped in his exploration of the tropical archipelago of El Nido by a large cast of characters, including the colorful thief Kid. Serge, who is attempting to learn more about himself and locate the enigmatic Frozen Flame, is primarily hindered by Lynx, a sinister adversary who is trying to capture him.

Chrono Cross earned positive reviews upon release in Japan in 1999 and North America in 2000, getting a perfect 10.0 rating from GameSpot. By 2003, the game had sold 1.5 million copies globally, prompting a Greatest Hits re-release and a continuation of its existence in Japan as a member of the Ultimate Hits series. Later, in July 2011 for the PlayStation Network in Japan, and four months later in North America, Chrono Cross kid was re-released. On April 7, 2022, Chrono Cross kid: The Radical Dreamers Edition, a remastered version of the Chrono Cross test, was made available for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, chrono cross ps4 .

PublishersSquare Co. Ltd.
DevelopersSquare Co. Ltd.
Release date1999

Chrono Cross Gameplay

Chrono Cross offers various variations of the typical role-playing video game gameplay. By guiding Serge, the game’s protagonist, through the game’s world mostly on foot and by boat, players advance the Chrono Cross. An overworld map that looks a lot like the one from Chrono Trigger and shows the landscape from an overhead view is used to navigate between different places. Villages, open spaces, and dungeons can be found all throughout the island globe. The player navigates these spaces in three dimensions. Field maps with more accurate scales are used to represent places like cities and forests, where players can interact with locals to obtain goods and services, complete tasks and puzzles, or face foes. Like Chrono Trigger, there are no random encounters in this Chrono Cross; instead, opponents are either readily apparent on field maps or wait to ambush the party. When a player touches a monster, their perspective changes to a battle screen where they can physically strike, employ “Elements,” protect or flee from the adversary. Turn-based battles give the player an endless amount of time to choose an action from the available menu. Each strike diminishes the number of health points (a numerically based life bar) for both the player heroes and the computer-controlled foes. Hit points can be replenished through specific Elements. A playable character faints when they run out of hit points. With the exception of certain conflicts that are directly relevant to the plot and allow the player to lose, the Chrono Cross detonado terminates if all the player’s characters perish in combat and must be restarted from a previously saved chapter.

Battle and Elements

Chrono Cross’ Element system manages all magic, consumables, and character-specific skills. Similar to the material in 1997’s Final Fantasy VII, elements must be equipped before use and unleash magic effects upon the enemy or party. Elements can be purchased from shops or found in treasure chests littered throughout areas. Once acquired, they are allocated to a grid whose size and shape are unique to each character. They are ranked according to eight tiers; certain high-level Elements can only be assigned on equivalent tiers in a character’s grid. As the Chrono Cross progresses, the grid expands, allowing more Elements to be equipped and higher tiers to be accessed. Six paired oppositional types, or “colors,” each with a different natural consequence, are used to categorize the elements. Green (wind/flora) opposes Yellow (earth/lightning), White (light/cosmos) opposes Black (darkness/gravity), and Red (fire/magma) opposes Blue (water/ice). Every opponent and character has an innate color, which increases the potency of employing components of the same color while simultaneously making them vulnerable to elements of the opposite color. Additionally, Chrono Cross has a “field effect” that monitors the element color being used in the upper-right area of the fight screen. Characters can unleash a potent summon element at the expense of one of the player’s stars if the field is entirely one color. Additionally, the field will make the elements of the present colours stronger while weakening the elements of the opposing colours. Additionally, each character is born with a set of unique skills known as “Techs” that function similarly to elements. Characters can combine specific Techs to create more potent Double or Triple Techs, just like in Chrono Trigger. During or after combat, consumable elements can be utilized to replenish hit points or repair status illnesses.

The stamina bar in Chrono Cross is yet another novel feature. Each character starts off a battle with seven stamina points. A character’s stamina is reduced proportionately to the strength of their attack when they attack or employ an element. When a character defends or engages in combat with other characters, their stamina slowly returns. If a character’s stamina is less than one point, they must wait to act. The user’s stamina bar is reduced by seven stamina points when they use an element; this frequently results in the user’s stamina gauge going negative and the character having to wait longer than usual to recover. Players can improve their defensive and strength stats after every battle. However, there is no experience point system in place, so statistics after four or five upgrades stay static until the player kills a boss. This allows for a couple more rounds of statistical increases by adding a star to the running count displayed on the status screen. For use in battle, players can outfit characters with weapons, armor, helmets, and other accessories; for instance, the “Power Seal” increases attack power. On-field maps, equipment, and supplies can be bought or discovered, frequently in hidden treasure chests. Contrary to Elements, players must acquire base materials like copper, bronze, or bone for a blacksmith to make in exchange for a charge in order to purchase weapons and armor. The objects can afterward be free of charge disassembled into their individual parts.

Parallel dimensions

The game heavily relies on the existence of two significant parallel dimensions, similar to Chrono Trigger’s time periods. To assemble parties, acquire things, and advance the story, players must frequently switch between worlds. A large portion of each world’s population has equivalents in the other, and certain party members can even travel to their alternate selves. The player is frequently required to look for things or locations that are unique to one world. There are occasions when events in one dimension have an effect on the other; for example, when the burnt ground on an island in one world cools, flora can grow in the other world. This approach aids in the presenting of specific issues, such as the consideration of one’s past choices and the contribution of humans to environmental destruction. The New Game+ option and several endings round out Chrono Cross’s remake gameplay’s noteworthy features. Players who have finished the Chrono Cross have the option to restart it using the data from the prior session, just like in Chrono Trigger. While collected money and some story-related things are discarded, character levels, gained skills, equipment, and accumulated objects are copied across. Players have access to twelve endings on a New Game+. Before the climactic battle, which can be engaged in at any moment in a New Game+ file, scenes are watched based on how far along the player is in the Chrono Cross remaster.

chrono cross recruit mel?

After borrowing the boat from Korcha and when you can freely navigate the ocean, return to Guldove. With Kid at your party, go and visit Mel on the bottom floor of the residential tower. Mel will confide with Kid; as a result, you’ll receive the Guldovian Stitch frame and Mel will join your entourage.

Is Chrono Cross remastered?

The new Chrono Cross remaster runs worse on PS5 than the original on PS1. Radical Nightmares Edition. 23 years on from its original release, Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition revives one of the true gems of the PS1 era with upgraded visuals and a handful of extras.

Is Chrono Cross Radical Dreamers turn based?

Utilising an innovative turn-based style battle system, CHRONO CROSS is a unique RPG that follows the protagonist “Serge” as he crosses time on his quest to save himself dying in a parallel universe. Those who purchase the game will also receive a CHRONO CROSS wallpaper!

how many characters in chrono cross?

45 playable characters.

how long is chrono cross?

35 – 40 Hours to Complete the Main Story

Based on the original Chrono Cross game for the PS1, the main story should be completed in about 35- 40 hours on its regular settings, baring any changes to the story for the remaster!

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We might have the game available for more than one platform. Chrono Cross is currently available on these platforms:

PlayStation (1999)

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