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Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego?, also known as Carmen Sandiego’s Great Chase Through Time, is a 1997 educational point-and-click adventure game created by Broderbund for Microsoft Windows and Macintosh computers. The game, which is the second Time video game in the Carmen Sandiego brand, is a recreation of the time-traveling game Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego? from 1989. Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego?, a short-lived PBS game show, had a big impact on the game. At the 1997 New York City Toy Fair, the game was shown off. For Carmen Sandiego Word Detective, a demo was available online and on the CD that came with the game. The game was re-released with a minor makeover after Broderbund was acquired by The Learning Company under the name Carmen Sandiego’s Great Chase Through Time. 

In order to prevent important historical events from happening, the game’s protagonist, master thief Carmen Sandiego, planted members of her crew at those locations using a device called the Chronoskimmer. Jumping through time tunnels that connect many historical eras will help you find Carmen Sandiego and her goons, recover the stolen item and alter the course of history. A well-known historical event, such as the signing of the Declaration of Independence or Lewis and Clark’s exploration of the Pacific Northwest, is visited by the player during each case, and they also get to interact with historical figures like Queen Hatshepsut, William the Conqueror, and Yuri Gagarin. When case 18 comes to a close, the player finds the Chronoskimmer and gains the means to pursue and apprehend Carmen.

When Carmen Sandiego’s Great Chase Through Time was released, it was well-received by critics who praised the game’s plot, soundtrack, puzzles, and historical details. At the 1998 D.I.C.E. Awards, it won Computer Edutainment Game of the Year.

PublishersBrøderbund Software
DevelopersBrøderbund Software
Release date1997
GenreEducational, Adventure

Carmen Sandiego’s Great Chase Through Time Download For Windows PC Gameplay

A game can be started by signing into the ACME roster, continued from a saved game, or customized by picking one or more cases on the game’s initial screen (a feature recommended for teachers). A movable cursor, drop-down menus, and on-screen icons are all features of this point-and-click adventure game. To obtain objects that will advance them, players must locate “hot spots” on the screen. In each scenario, the player is required to look into hints in order to assist a historical figure in resolving a dilemma, recovering a lost object, or apprehending a thief. The player can use the Good Guides to assist them in overcoming each task. The game’s included ACME Agent Handbook, which offers tips and solutions for the puzzles, is also available to the player. Finding the theft, fixing the issue, gathering Carmen’s notes, and apprehending the thief are the four steps in each instance.

19 cases make up the game, with the first one taking place in ancient Egypt and the last one in the present. To win the game, the player must finish all cases. The Chief will describe the nature of the issue within that time period to the player before beginning a case. One of the five accompanying Good Guides—Ann Tickwittee, Ivan Idea, Rock Solid, Renee Santa, and Polly Tix—who are knowledgeable about the people and customs of each case’s historical era and who specialize in topics like antiquities, exploration, or inventions—will offer assistance to the player at the beginning of each case. They give some background information and identify any notable characters who will appear in the case. They assist the player by corresponding with the historical individuals on their behalf. The player can then ask the person about their condition after clicking on them. They can then ask any questions again using rollover text if necessary to elicit more details. The reactions of historical figures direct the player toward that era’s task.

The player starts the game as a Time Pilot, but the Chief advances them as the game goes on, giving them the ranks of Time Scout, Time Trooper, Time Detective, Time Inspector, and, by the time the game is over, Time Sleuth, giving them the opportunity to apprehend Carmen Sandiego.

To finish cases, items must be gathered, moved around the screen, or put in the inventory box. The player will either be given stuff by characters or will need to go looking for takeable items. Drag collectible things into the Inventory box to store them for later use. The whereabouts of each thief’s hiding places are described in the Carmen Notes, which players must also search for. To make them more difficult to find, these notes have each been ripped into three parts. To put the pieces of paper together into a whole note, the player must click on them. The ACME handcuffs (also known as Time Cuffs) will activate once all the pieces of the Carmen note have been located, at which point the player can decipher Carmen’s message to determine where her henchmen are located. The thief is revealed when the Time Cuffs are applied to the pertinent item, and the Good Guide then apprehends him. Following the capture of each criminal (Dee Cryption being captured twice and the others once), the player next goes for Carmen.

The Chronopedia, a historical reference that details each era’s significant figures, locations, maps, and events, is available to the player. Upon landing in each time period, the player receives the appropriate chapter from the Chronopedia, which is carried by each Good Guide. Encyclopedia Britannica editors have evaluated and given their approval to all of the text in the Chronopedia. Carmen’s notes might be understood using the information.

Once the player recovers the Chronoskimmer at the conclusion of Case 18, Carmen turns over her stolen item to the player, and the gameplay mechanics change. The player no longer stays in the same time frame for the duration of the final case; instead, they now use clues left at each place to determine their next move. Returning to the mechanic from Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego? Despite the fact that the player can now visit any moment in history whenever they want, Carmen is only allowed to visit the eras that she has already been to, hence the game limits the player to the eras of the earlier cases. The Chronoskimmer slider and the travel button have taken the place of Carmen’s notes and in-game collectibles on certain portions of the screen. The player is assisted by all five ACME Good Guides throughout this case. Players could previously access a themed website that contained “articles from Britannica [sic], hints, and a feedback area” for “further in-depth learning” about the civilizations they encountered in the game. The website also featured a minigame on Christopher Columbus that was connected to the tenth case in the final game. Additionally, it provided a prolonged free trial period that was only available to game owners. The site was taken down in 2005, along with the other Carmen Sandiego webpages developed by Broderbund Software and kept up by The Learning Company.

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