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Blacklight: Retribution is a free-to-play first-person shooter video game with a cyberpunk theme. Hardsuit Labs (previously Zombie Studios) developed and distributed the game for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4. Perfect World Entertainment first released it on April 3, 2012, followed by a complete Steam release on July 2, 2012. On November 15, 2013, a PS4 version was published as a launch title in North America, followed by Europe on December 4, 2013.

The game, which is a sequel to Blacklight: Tango Down, is a cyberpunk-themed arena shooter with a number of game modes, including a training mode and others prevalent in similar games. Weapon depots, which are used to obtain health, ammo, and special weapons, and the Hyper Reality Visor (HRV), which allows players to find hazards through walls and other obstructions, are two of the game’s unique mechanics. Completing battles gives the player experience and GP, which can be used to purchase extra weapons, armor, and cosmetic items such as skins and tags. After its first release, further game modes were introduced, including OnSlaught (a zombies game style) and Siege Mode (payload-like Game Mode).

Throughout the creation of Blacklight: Retribution, there were various additions and power transfers. Following the dissolution of Zombie Studios in 2015, the remaining team formed Hardsuit Labs, which was in charge of development from that point forward. Perfect World’s publishing rights were transferred to Hardsuit Labs in 2017, and the company implemented various new features, including the movement of US and EU servers.

Critics praised Blacklight: Retribution, with some even declaring it an upgrade over its predecessor. It received praise for its aesthetics, physics, item balance, and comprehensive customization, but it received criticism for its lack of creativity. Within a month of its release, the game had surpassed one million players.

The PC version was retired on March 11, 2019, due to poor user involvement, while the PS4 version is still available. On the PS4 version, no dedicated servers are available. P2P (Peer-to-Peer) servers allow PS4 players to run public lobbies, allowing other players to join using the “fast join” or “play game” menu options. Additionally, private lobbies can be established, with the host being able to invite individuals from their in-game friend’s list, which is linked to their PlayStation network friends list. Private matches vary from public matches in that users can completely customize their match experience. This includes the ability to use the “custom playlist” function, which allows players to alter the game mode and map selection.

The time limit, goal score multiplier, health multiplier, CP multiplier, beginning CP, and CP maximum can all be customized using the private matchmaking menu. (CP is the game’s currency, which is earned by defeating foes and used to purchase tactical items.) In addition, there is a “mutator” tool that allows users to customize gameplay features. Depots, stock armour and weaponry, elemental ammo, primary and secondary weapons, and much more can all be enabled and disabled.

PublishersPerfect World Entertainment
DevelopersHardsuit Labs
Release date2012

Blacklight: Retribution Download For Windows PC Gameplay

Blacklight: Retribution is set in a cyberpunk world and has a variety of game modes and maps. Other than a controls training level, a zombies game mode called Onslaught, and a “practice” mode putting players against AI or “bot” foes, the game presently has no single-player option. Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Domination (a ticket game), King of the Hill (objective capture), and Kill Confirmed (similar to Team Deathmatch, except players must collect tokens from their dead opponents for the kill to count for the team). They can also be obtained for more Combat Points. To deny their enemy the kill point and gain extra Combat Points, friendly players may pick up the token of a deceased comrade. In August 2012, Siege Mode was added, in which one team pushes a Scorpion Tank via checkpoints into enemy territory. Players gather tokens to acquire XP and GP in the OnSlaught mode, which was implemented in March 2013.

Weapon depots are an entirely new feature in Blacklight: Retribution. By default, they can be used to purchase health and ammo refills, flamethrowers, rocket launchers, and Hardsuits, which are miniature pilotable mecha with heavy firepower. These can be purchased using Combat Points, which are gained by completing game objectives such as killing opponents and talking points.

Blacklight Retribution, like its predecessor (Blacklight: Tango Down), has the Hyper Reality Visor (HRV), which allows the player to quickly find foes, mines, weapon caches, and Hardsuit weak areas through walls and other impediments. As a result of the HRV mechanic, players can make tactical decisions quickly, resulting in fast-paced battles. However, in HRV, the player can only move around, leap, and sprint, which could make it easier for an HRV user to be killed. HRV has a short battery life and must be recharged. Objects and players are obscured or hidden from HRV by a variety of in-game items.

A total of sixteen maps are available and vary in size and style.

A clan-making option has been introduced to the game. Players can buy clan names with GP/Zcoins and construct their own clans with a four-letter limit. Spending GP/Zcoins will expand the clan’s size.

The OnSlaught Patch includes new weaponry and armor parts, as well as the OnSlaught mode, “S&D” mode (search and destroy), and Last Team/Man Standing modes.

From assault rifles to shotguns, each weapon can have a variety of receivers. The muzzle, barrel, magazine, optic sights, stock, camouflage, and weapon tag, which is a keychain-like symbol that hangs from a lanyard hook, are all customizable. Some receivers have specialized attachments that cannot be used with other receivers. There are also ‘premade’ guns with a predetermined set of attachments. These attachments could not be swapped out for others or utilized on different weapons. Only the camouflage and weapon tags could be swapped out. Weapon tags provide minor stat boosts to the weapon or character, whereas camouflage is purely decorative.

Customize your character’s helmet, leg and body armor, and tactical gear (such as grenades and other tools). There were ‘heroes’ with a fixed, unique helmet, leg and body armor, an inventory system, and a game mode called Siege before the “Parity Patch.” The various components of these heroes could not be swapped out for others or utilized in alternate character configurations. After the Parity Patch, the inventory system was eliminated, which meant that objects could no longer be saved or stacked for later use. Heroes were also changed into alternative cosmetic models for the player’s in-game character after the Parity Patch. Siege, a “escort the payload”-style game mode in which players guided a tank through a series of checkpoints that had to be “hacked” open, was also eliminated.

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We may make the game available on multiple platforms. Currently, Blacklight: Retribution is available on the following platforms:

Windows (2012)

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