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Bionicle Heroes is a multi-platform video game released in 2006 by Eidos Interactive and TT Games Publishing that is based on Lego’s Bionicle series of buildable action figures. The game was released in November 2006 for the PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, Nintendo GameCube, Microsoft Windows, Game Boy Advance, and Nintendo DS, as well as a Nintendo Wii version in April 2007. Traveler’s Tales created the home console and PC versions, while Amaze Entertainment created the handheld versions. A mobile phone version of the game, produced by Universomo, was also launched. The game’s home console and PC versions are third-person shooters, while the Game Boy Advance version is a run-and-gun shooter and the Nintendo DS version is a first-person shooter. The Bionicle Heroes tale, in which the player attempts to free the island of Voya Nui and its residents from the wicked Piraka, is not canon to canonical Bionicle story.

PublishersEidos Interactive, TT Games Publishing, Square Enix
DevelopersTraveller’s Tales, Amaze Entertainment, Universomo
Release date2006
GenreAction, Adventure

Bionicle Heroes Download For Windows PC Gameplay

Bionicle Heroes for the home console is a single-player third-person shooter. The game is divided into six elementally themed realms, as well as a central hub area where the player may buy improvements and more content. They proceed to the Piraka Playground in the hub planet after beating a Piraka at the end of the world. The player can spend the Lego pieces they have acquired to buy hilarious cutscenes depicting the villains engaging in “tomfoolery.” Three extra levels are also available, each of which serves as a score challenge in which the goal is to defeat as many foes as possible. There are 100 collectibles to gather throughout the game, and each level contains silver and gold canisters that unlock additional goods in the hub world’s trophy cave. Levels that have been completed can be revisited in free play mode, where the player can find new goods and collectibles.

The player controls the playable Toa character with a controller in most versions of the game. On the Nintendo Wii version of the game, the camera is controlled by the IR sensor on the Wii Remote. Each level begins with a single mask, with additional masks strewn throughout. These masks grant the player access to a wide range of weapons and skills, from sniper rifles to shotguns. The player can toggle between active masks at any time. When a player’s health is dropped to zero, they lose their mask. In the Lego Star Wars games, the player can interact with the world by executing acts similar to how the Force works.

Defeating foes causes them to scatter into Lego pieces, which may then be gathered and used in the hub environment. Collecting them also adds to the in-game Hero Mode gauge, which activates when it is completely filled. While in Hero Mode, the player is immune to all damage. This lasts until the player reaches a point in the level where activating objects necessary to proceed through the level forces the player to use up their Hero Mode charge. In boss encounters, Hero Mode is also utilised, with the player hitting minor enemies to build up the gauge for a devastating strike against the boss. The game employs an auto-targeting function that locks on to foes automatically. This feature only works at specific distances and will not activate if the player is either too close or too far away from an enemy.

Nintendo DS

Bionicle Heroes for the Nintendo DS is a first-person shooter. The game, like previous DS first-person shooters, may be played fully with buttons or with a combination of buttons and touchscreen controls, with the directional pad used to walk and the touchscreen used to aim. Defeating foes causes them to crumble into blocks. These bricks can be used to replenish the Hero Mode charge meter of the player. When filled, the player obtains temporary invincibility and an increase in weapon power. There are two modes in the game: a single-player campaign and an offline multiplayer option.

The universe of the single-player game is divided into six distinct zones, with a Piraka boss battle at the end of each. The Zamor Launcher, a weak weapon with unlimited ammunition, is available from the start. There are three masks in each universe. The first mask grants the player a new weapon, while the second and third masks enhance the weapon. In addition to weaponry, each mask provides a unique ability such as higher jumping, lava immunity, or the ability to break boulders. There are runes scattered across the realms that offer access to cheats.

Only other consoles possessing a copy of Bionicle Heroes can access the multiplayer mode. The multiplayer deathmatch option puts players against each other in an arena identical to the ones used in single-player boss confrontations. The venues are divided into layers, and masks are scattered throughout. Obtaining them provides temporary access to a weapon.

Game Boy Advance

Bionicle Heroes on the Game Boy Advance is a run-and-gun shoot ’em up. The player, who controls a Toa, can move in eight directions and strafe. There are two types of firing available. The A button unleashes a weaker, faster-firing blast, whilst the B button fires more concentrated strikes. The attack assigned to the B button depends on the mask the player is wearing and ranges from “tight, focused laser beams to sluggish, bursting mortar rounds.”

In the game, there are six different types of masks that may be found spread around each level. [10] There are 19 stages in the game, and previously cleared levels are unlocked in a free-play mode where weaponry can be swapped at will. Each level has collecting runes that can be exchanged for cheats and unlockable mini-games. Replaying levels is required to unlock everything in the game. The player confronts one of the six Piraka after completing each region.

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