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Backyard Basketball is a video game series in the Backyard Sports franchise. On October 31, 2001, Humongous Entertainment released the first game for Microsoft Windows and Macintosh platforms, which was published by Infogrames. Additional games have been released on a variety of systems, each with slightly distinct characters and gameplay concepts.

Backyard Basketball, like the other entries in the Backyard Sports franchise, has gained attention for its incorporation of pro basketball players as playable characters. Kevin Garnett and Lisa Leslie were among the first members. Stephen Curry serves as the mascot for the most recent release.

PublishersInfogrames, Atari, Inc.
DevelopersHumongous Entertainment
Release date2001

Backyard Basketball Download For Windows PC Gameplay

Backyard Basketball has two primary modes of gameplay: Single Game, in which the player chooses a team to compete against a computer-controlled team, and Season Play, in which the player chooses a team to compete against a series of computer-controlled teams over an 18-game season, including two best-of-three playoff series and a best-of-five championship series if the player achieves a high number of victories. In the Single Game option, the user can also compete against another player or practice using a single character.

Before games can begin, the player can change a number of settings. Court selection, A.I. difficulty (easy, medium, or hard), the existence of specific regulations (fouls, weariness, violations, shot control, and power-ups), sound options (game music, background sounds, and in-game conversation), controllers, and team names are examples of these. Jersey customization is also part of team modification.

The game’s controls are set to mouse usage by default, relying on a point-and-click gameplay approach to navigate characters. The Backyard Basketball also works with keyboards and gaming pads.

The team members are chosen in one of two ways: First Five Picks, which allows each player to freely choose their team members, or Full Draft, which requires each player to choose their team members one at a time in an alternating method. Each possible squad member, including younger versions of Kevin Garnett and Lisa Leslie, is evaluated on a 1 to 10 scale based on five statistics. Inside Shooting (the relative accuracy of the character’s shot from inside the three-point line), Outside Shooting (the relative accuracy of the character’s shot from beyond the three-point line), Ballhandling (the relative likelihood that the ball will not be stolen or blocked on offense), Defense (the relative likelihood that the character will be able to steal or block the ball on defense), and Quickness are examples of these (the relative speed at which the character moves along the court). Players can also customize rookie characters with personally selected or randomly assigned characteristics, as well as heights, skin tones, shooting hands, birthdays, and names. Although rookie characters have lower overall statistics than pre-rendered players, they have the option to boost all of their statistics by three levels if their team makes the playoffs in Season Play.

Backyard Basketball 2007 uses a point-and-click control method by default. When there are three characters on the court at the same time, the player clicks at different points on the court to direct the character with the ball to that location. Clicking a teammate causes the player to pass the ball to that teammate, but clicking the basket (represented by a basketball icon) causes the character to attempt a shot. When shot control is enabled, users can make the shooting character pump fake by clicking quickly, eventually shooting the ball when the click is held down. If shot control is disabled, the character will unleash the shot automatically when the basketball icon is clicked. On defense, the player can control many characters by clicking on them as they race around the court, directing the chosen character by choosing the place on the court where he or she should go. When an ‘X’ symbol hovers above an enemy character, the character closest to him or she will attempt to take the ball. When an opponent character goes to shoot the ball and a pair of hands appear near the basket, the nearest character will attempt to block the shot or rebound the ball.

Each quarter of a Backyard Basketball court lasts around three minutes, with each overtime period (if necessary) lasting about one minute. Characters become fatigued and prone to blunders (bad shooting and ball-handling) the longer they play without rest; as a result, substitutes can be made after any completed play or during a time-out. Characters will regain energy while sitting on the bench (only two players can stay on the bench at a time). Granted, if the weariness option is disabled, a character’s energy will never drop.

Power-ups may be awarded to teams on occasion during the course of a Backyard Basketball court. The majority of these power-ups are useful, such as the flaming ball (which guarantees that the next attempted shot will go in), the tornado (which increases the speed of all characters on the court), the doughnut (which causes the next character who attempts a shot to automatically attempt a slam dunk), and 110% Juice (which increases the speed of all characters on the court) (which provides energy to otherwise tired players if the fatigue option is turned on). Some power-ups, however, have negative effects, such as the frozen ball (which makes shots more likely to miss), the stick of butter (which diminishes the team’s ball-handling abilities), and the ice cream truck (which temporarily prevents the entire team from moving).

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